Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bandung Part II : Shopping like crazy!!

Date : 10 October 2010
Place : Pasar Baru
Time : 9.00 am - 9.00 pm

As for second day, we finally managed to shop like crazy. That's what we actually wish for!!!. Anyway, enjoys the snapshots.

 1. Welcome to Pasar Baru a.k.a shopping paradise with 7-storey!!!...Fuhh..
 2. Rp.75,000 approximately RM28 or $8!!!..So affordable or honestly speaking..very cheap!!!..theehe..
 3. Busy for total up the final bill...up to hundreds!!
 4. Guess what..those piles of telekung are belong to me...heheh
 5. Bandung's most gorgeous tailored Kebaya Nona...You can order and make you own  kebaya right on the services by adding a bit more payment. Honestly, eventhough you have to pay a little more, the price is still cheaper than Kuala Lumpur!! Mabeles..hehe
 5. Now, we are at Kain Pelikat and Sarung Batik stall...the bos (first from left) smile peacefully after almost a million Rupiah were spent here...
 6. Bridal Laces store...the favourite place for bride-to-be...
 7. YABES..Name of the bridal lace above
 8. Dessert a.k.a appetizer for lunch..Es Durian.. Nice to cool down a throat after a whole day betting for a good price with store's seller...hehe
 9. My lunch Nasi Ayam  or Chicken Rice..with Bandung's soup...with additional Dried Tempe or Permented Soya Bean and Dried Tofu.. How can chicken rice don't have soup!!!'s not Kuala Lumpur okay...Taste it like Bandung la...hohoho
 10. My sister's lunch..Nasi Ayam Penyek...Indonesian famoush dish..
 11. My friend's lunch...Nasi Timbel...another Indonesian local famous dish
 12. A top of the Pasar Baru's Building...Thank God there is a place to pray..but a bit uncomfortable to use it...You know why..there is no exact border or wall to separate the woman and man..All are free to face each other...What the....Well,'s not Kuala Lumpur!!!!

Will continue to Part III..

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